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uit as pure "speculation.""I do not think this is anything new," said Renault-Nissan boss, adding that he was there to stay at the helm of the two companies for

bsorbing foreign investment and producing with foreigner partners was pushed to the forefront. In January 1984, the▓ first Sino-foreign joint venture of the Chinese automobile -- Beijing Jeep▓ Corporation, Ltd., which went t

hrough the revitalization and decline o▓f the reform in China's auto industry in the 19 years following this, was set up. T▓hen China's automobile industry entered the first round of pooling foreign capital. From the l▓ate 19

70s to the early 1990s, marking the second development period, China's auto ind▓ustry grew steadily. A group of local manufacturers of light-and heavy-duty trucks emerged, and manufacture bases took shape


cedes-Benz SLR R

including: FAW, the Second Automobile Works, China Heavy-Duty, South Auto, and others in Beijing, ▓Tianjin, Shanghai, and Shenyang (Northeast China). CANBERRA, A▓ug. 26 (Xinhua) -- Australian automobile maker Holden is expected to cut about ▓200 jobs, mainly from its Melbourne headquarters, the comp▓any has confirmed Wednesday. "We're offer

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ing voluntary packages within some of our functions, primarily office-based functions at our Port Melbourne headquarters," company spokesman Scott Whiffin was quoted as saying by Australian Associated Press. "Some of these functions have remained ▓more or less untouched over the years as we've gone down to one shift out at our Elizabeth

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plant, as export and engineering projects have come

and gone, and as our domestic markets have contracted." According to the report, a source has said the company hoped to lose about 200 workers, mainly white-collar workers in a

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